Service Menu & Pricing

Culberson Capital Monthly Membership: $299/mo

Have your very own business consultant for less than minimum wage! None of us can be experts at everything. The good news is, you don't have to be! Maybe you're an expert in your field, providing a quality product or service to your customers, but maybe you aren't an expert at sales, marketing, implementing upsell campaigns, getting more customer referrals or reviews - the list goes on and on. With our business consulting monthly program packages, we analyze everything and continually look for new ways to grow your business, help you run it more efficiently, and maximize your profits.

Services Included with Monthly Membership:

  • Detailed Monthly Sales Reviews
  • Quarterly Analysis of Marketing & Advertising Results
  • Review Monthly Marketing & Advertising Budget
  • Custom Sales & Marketing Plans
  • Custom Sales Scripts
  • In Person Sales Training
  • Examine Current Business Operations for Maximum Efficiency
  • Implementation Assistance for New Systems or Processes
  • Annual Business Goals & KPI Reviews

ALA Cart Services:

In Person Sales Training:

  1. One Time Training (3 hour session): $300 per person
  2. One Week Training (4 days, 3 hour sessions):$250 per person

  • Analyze the root causes of your organization's sales issues
  • Learn the consultative selling framework to engage buyers in customer-centric dialogue
  • Practice asking the right open ended questions and active listening skills to discern customers needs
  • Learn how to connect with buyers, develop rapport and build strong relationships
  • Customize your value proposition to target each customers unique needs
  • Ask for commitments and overcome objections
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Perfect your closing process

Custom Sales Script With Script Training: $750
Custom Sales Script Without Script Training: $450

Logo Design Packages:

  • Basic: Includes 2 Custom Designs + 3 Client Revisions $850
  • Standard: Includes 4 Custom Designs + 6 Client Revisions $1,200
  • Premium: 6 Custom Designs + 9 Client Revisions $1,500

Websites: $3,000


  • What does it look like for your audience to move through the stages of curiosity, enlightenment, and commitment?
  • What lead generation will you use to capture email addresses?
  • What content/ pages/ elements are necessary for the website?

  • Choose a URL
  • Choose an email address
  • Curate/create content (photo/video/graphics/ text)

Design & Build
  • Design a mock up
  • Build the website
  • Add content & copy
  • Review/ Revise/ Go Live

Other services include ad design, brand messaging, photography, video production, product labels, social media management, customer review campaigns, new product launches, and more! Rates vary based on size and scope of work. Contact us for your free quote.